Being green and sustainable is rapidly becoming the standard attribute of life as we know it. It has always been the very core of the bicycle concept. Add to it a potent and reliable electromotor, and you have the perfect means of sustainable urban personal transport, sufficient for most people. For others, though, there’s also the matter of style. Enter: Ono Bikes.

Ono Bikes is an independent custom e-bike and bicycle manufacturer. We make bikes that are not just solid and reliable, but outrageously stylish as well. They are handcrafted, as we find particular pleasure in addressing individual needs of our customers, so the bike they order fits them perfectly. This is why each piece we produce is unique.

Our first model Archont is a three meter long easy rider, conceived with sole aim to proffer exhilarating experience and an unparalleled riding pleasure. It is the precursor of our style direction and a sign of things to come.

Ono bikes are tough and elegant. Designed to turn heads, made to endure.




Marko Šćepanović

Marko Šćepanović

Chief Executive

Entrepreneur for many years with several successful start-ups.

Saša Šćepanović

Saša Šćepanović

Chief of Design

It’s obvious he was born to do it.

Migati Sani

Migati Sani

Chief of Operations

Experience in co-organizing high profile events

Life is like riding a bicycle - to keep balance you must keep moving